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Kaiosec team specializes in manual pen testing services for API's, Network Infrastructures, Web, Mobile and Desktop applications.

Red Team Assessments

Red team simulations are a full-scope tests of multiple attack surfaces as Application, Network or Social Engineering.

Vulnerabilities assessments

Vulnerabilities assessments is a systematic review of security vulnerabilities in various environments.

Code Analysis

Code Analysis is a method usually performed as part of a white-box testing.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing Simulations are used for security awareness and employees training.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a process of learning how an artificial object functions.

Testing Methodologies

Evaluate your security by following top security standards.

White Box

The testers receive a full disclosure prior to the test, for example, a source code for review.

Gray box

A combination of white-box and black-box testing, the testers may receive information as credentials or demonstrations of the application prior to the penetration test.

Black Box

The testers receive very limited information as IP address or URL.

About US

Kaiosec is a leading information security services provider trusted by Governments, leading SaaS, Mobile, IoT, Banking, Crypto companies and more.
We specialize in Penetration Testing, Red Team Assessments, Vulnerabilities assessments and Code Analysis. In addition, we develop custom Social Engineering simulations for security awareness training.
Our main goal is to provide superior reports and evaluate your security level following world top security standards as OWASP and NIST.

Kaiosec research

Recent research and updates from Kaiosec:

WhatsApp call signaling information leakage


Facebook 2019 Hall of Fame

CVE-2017-17666 (Private)

Critical vulnerability found in 2 common routers (Hebrew)

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